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Obama Selects Phelps as V.P.

Written by : Posted on September 12, 2008 : No Comments
This post is an article from IdiomLife.com. With the phase out of Idiom Life, we found it important to archive the great content that our contributors invested much of their time into. Viva la Idiom Life.

Idiom Life Archive - Obama Selects Phelps for Vice President

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It’s the announcement the whole world has been waiting to hear: The most important news ever… EVER. Soon to be President Barack Obama’s choice for Vice President. Preliminary rumors suggested the announcement might come as early as Wednesday morning. But, this very evening, Obama has named his running mate, and he shared the news exclusively with IdiomLife.com. Suck on that New York Times.

Public opinion polls revealed a tight race between Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Joe Biden, Sen. Evan Bayh, and underdog favorite Gov. Tim Kaine as possible running mates. Yet tonight, despite the pundits’ predictions, Obama has thrown a trademark curveball to the entire political arena. His Vice President will be… Michael Phelps!

Now, I can already hear the complaints. “Phelps isn’t a politician.” Good. “He lacks experience.” Hardly. “He’s not even old enough to run.” Not interested. We here at Idiomlife don’t think Obama could have made a better move, and here’s why.

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