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Adidas Snowboarding presents the Nomad Series

Written by : Posted on October 10, 2014 : 24 Comments

Japan has long been one of the top 3 locations on our snowboard bucket list and part one of Adidas Snowboarding’s Nomad series shows exactly why!

Nomad 1 of 3: Japan

Nomad 2 of 3: En Route

Nomad 3 of 3: TransSiberia


Adidas Snowboarding Samba Boot

Scotty Vine Full Part 4 from Arbor Snowboards

Written by : Posted on September 15, 2014 : No Comments

Who’s ready for some shredding?! This will help hold you over and get your creative juices flowing for the season to come. Scotty’s rail-to-rail transfers in this video are ridiculous!

Neverland by Absinthe Films

Written by : Posted on July 30, 2009 : No Comments

It may just be this cool Colorado summer, but the snow season seems just around the corner. Or maybe it’s that it really is just around the corner, with snowmaking operations less than two months away! I’m very excited for this season and am looking forward to trying to double my days spent on the hill last season. The more I think about it, the more I start to get anxious. In order to try and fill the void until the lifts start operations, I’ll be posting a new snowboard trailer, or two, each week.

To kick things off is Neverland by Absinthe Films. The title graphics look nice and although the editing is better than most, I’d still say it’s only so-so. But with a rider list that includes Travis Rice, Nicolas Müller, Romain deMarchi, DCP, Eero Ettala, Gigi Rüf and many others, Neverland is sure to be one of the years best films.

As a little bonus, an upcoming German production company asked us to post their trailer. Although the riding isn’t on par with Neverland, for obvious reasons, it’s still a fun little flick to check out. And besides, I always like supporting people that are trying to make their dreams happen, so here is the trailer for S-Cut Productions film In Between.

P.S. I hope everyone decides to use Vimeo as their video sharing site this year. It’s just such a nice compression and video player.