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Ken Block’s RaptorTrax Shredfest at Baldface Lodge

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It doesn’t get much cooler than Ken Block taking his Ford F150 RaptorTRAX to the BC backcountry, with shredders Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss.

Scotty Vine Full Part 4 from Arbor Snowboards

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Who’s ready for some shredding?! This will help hold you over and get your creative juices flowing for the season to come. Scotty’s rail-to-rail transfers in this video are ridiculous!

Sandbox Films’ Shine On Teaser

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With two award winning titles, Flavor Country and Time Well Wasted, already under their belts, Sandbox Films has nothing to prove. But that doesn’t stop them from continuing to prove their one of the best in the game every season. Say what you will about Canadians, but Whistler is by far one of the best snow towns I have ever been to and I’m pretty jealous that it’s Sandbox’s daily backyard playground. Unfortunately this last season many ski areas suffered poor snow conditions, and Whistler wasn’t an exception. Sandbox also had to deal with quite a few injuries to their riders.

Andrew took a bad slam at a park session with Snowboarder Mag. They built a massive jump with a sketchy inrun. Andrew got tossed off the take off and came down hard on his side. His femur bone shot up and shattered his pelvis and his arm broke really bad.

Sounds like they had an unluckily season. Judging by the trailer though, it appears that Sandbox has still been able to make the best of it and put together a quality film.

Bonus Material! 30 Seconds in a Heli

Think Thank’s Cool Story Teaser + Wrecks

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Think Thank has put out some pretty solid films over the past couple seasons. And this season’s production, Cool Story, doesn’t seem to be anything less than what viewers have come to expect. High production quality, cool personalities, and innovative riding is what the Think Thank crew is all about.

Think Thank usually comes with some great music too. The song used in the trailer is an older song called My Coco by Stellastarr*. Here’s a song a bit more up to date from their recently released album Civilized.

Stellastarr* – Freak Out

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Bonus Material! Who doesn’t like wreck sections?!

Alterna Films’ Elektro Teaser

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What’s better than having an Elektro dance party to open up your snowboard teaser? Oh yeah… Great filming. Great locations. Great snowboarding. And great editing. That’s exactly what Alterna Films gives you. I’ve never seen one of Alterna’s films before, but this one will be on my must see list this video season. I love the dance party count down and the “dropping” ending. Good Stuff.

Mike Basich – Keepin’ It Fresh

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This post is an article from IdiomLife.com. With the phase out of Idiom Life, we found it important to archive the great content that our contributors invested much of their time into. Viva la Idiom Life.

Idiom Life Archive - Mike Basich Interview

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So you’re quite a veteran to snowboarding… you’ve been riding since… ’86?
MIKE BASICH: Yeah… ’85-’86ish. Next year will be my twentieth year.

How do you think you’ve lasted so long with out completely killing yourself?
M: Riding the soft stuff, haha. I quit riding the hard pack quite a while ago. I kinda started off with the world cup halfpipe, that’s what started my career, the competition thing. And it turned into big air after that. My body started feeling it, my back, my posture’s horrible. Five years ago… or, four years ago I stopped competing and started photography and wanted to do something that set my own schedule, so now I ride and chase the snow around in my van, wherever it’s soft. I rode Northstar yesterday and I am aching today, from one day of riding, cause I don’t ride resorts that often anymore.

Now you mentioned photography… is that what you love to do now? Your Point of Views and Self Portraits are amazing.
M: Being in the sport for twenty years I gotta keep things interesting for me. Going from competition, to starting my own business, to running the business and negotiating contracts, going to filming, and stuff like that is to always bring something new in that I haven’t done yet. Photography is something that I got interested in after shooting with so many photographers and wanting to shoot what I see, so I’d tell a photographer to go over here and over there and they don’t like that too often so I had an interest to try and capture what I had in my mind and it turned into what I see as a rider, so it turned into Point of View stuff. I got a couple remotes so I can shoot myself from the ground. That’s been interesting, my new little spark to keep things interesting for me…

Like your now infamous 120-foot acid drop out of the helicopter, how’d you come up with that crazy idea?
M: That happened two years ago and it was about a three year project that I wanted to do, it was on the back burner for awhile until I told my girlfriend at the time about it, I’d just started getting more into photography that year. I wanted to shoot a photo like that but run it without the heli, so you see this guy falling out of the sky and there’s no cliff or anything next to him from where he took off. That was the original vision that I wanted to try to capture but it turned out that no one ran it that way. That’s kinda how that thing started.

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Mikey LeBlanc – Workin’ Hard

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This post is an article from IdiomLife.com. With the phase out of Idiom Life, we found it important to archive the great content that our contributors invested much of their time into. Viva la Idiom Life.

Idiom Life Archive - Mikey LeBlanc Workin' Hard

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Mikey, thanks for taking time off of your busy schedule, touring for loveHate. How is the tour going?
MIKEY LeBLANC: A party, a plane, an hour and another party.

Are kids getting as stoked as you hoped they would?
M: I think so, the tricks are unquestionable, the video and the music grows on you like fine wine… I’m really at the point where I edited it with Shelby, and have seen it so much. And I still really love the video so… at this point, selfishly, I don’t care… because I love it.

Tell us a little about Kidsknow and the loveHATE video.
M: Kidsknow is my production company, I did the vid In association with Burning Bridges. That is Shelby’s company. loveHATE is a lot of my friends and me making what we do during the winter visible to kids.

Who is touring with you for the loveHATE and Positron tour?
M: Mostly Justin Hebbel, Darrel Mathesen and Jon Kooley for loveHATE, and Devun, Dufficy, and Dionne for the Positron video. It’s a nightmare, or, a dream come true. Six a.m. flights, one hour in the hotel room, straight to the premiere, straight to the bar after. Drink all night, and then get a cab to the next flight. It’s rock star shit.

Who are you most stoked to be touring with? Who in this video do we most need to be watching?
M: I like everyone. For loveHATE; Hebbel is insane. So tech. It takes a lot of watching to tell what he’s doing. And Darrel is also ridiculous.

What is your vision for Kidsknow?
M: Make snow videos that are non-scripted, and in the middle, have some social commentary fun. Possibly say something without beating you over the head with it.

Switching gears to some other projects of yours, How is Holden going?
M: Amazing and crazy. The gear is making me happy and I pretty much know the whole business now. From start to finish.

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