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Scotty Vine Full Part 4 from Arbor Snowboards

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Who’s ready for some shredding?! This will help hold you over and get your creative juices flowing for the season to come. Scotty’s rail-to-rail transfers in this video are ridiculous!

You Are Now One Of Us

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This post is an article from IdiomLife.com. With the phase out of Idiom Life, we found it important to archive the great content that our contributors invested much of their time into. Viva la Idiom Life.

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Idiom Life started out as a local snowboard video production company. Back in the day it was actually called Idiom Pictures. Those were the days! Just out of high school. No job that required too many hours of my time. No “global warming”. Just the mountains. The snow. My board. And my camera. My old friend and I would log 90+ days of riding at resorts alone. And another good amount of days logged in the backcountry. We kept this pace for a good couple of seasons as we met and rode with a lot of great riders. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. He became a cop (what?!). I became poor. And that was that.

However, on the brightside, my becoming poor pushed me to develop my skills and evolve into a better editor and designer of all things. And luckily enough I still have a solid 50 hours of footage to show the world. Now the footage is a bit dated but, in my opinion, most of the riding still meets or exceeds the level of today’s riders. Consider this the first teaser video of many to come. The song is Miseria Cantare by AFI, one of my all-time favorite bands.