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An Introduction to Jeremy Cowart

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Jeremy Cowart is one of my favorite photographers.

I found out about Cowart when I picked up his photojournalism book Hope in the Dark. The photos were so awesome that I went to Jeremy’s website and recognized a lot of his work from band/musician photos and CD covers I’ve seen.

I don’t really know much about the specifics of what makes great photography so I just go off intuition and I know I really like his stuff. I could look at for hours… well, put together I probably do. I’ll shut up now and let you see his work.

Oh, last thing… he is a fun guy to follow on Twitter. There are almost always cool pictures to go with his tweets. (nerd alert, I know)

KT Tunstall

Iron and Wine

village gathered



Wes Hutchinson


cardboard city

Imogen Heap

Deliver Me

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This post is an article from IdiomLife.com. With the phase out of Idiom Life, we found it important to archive the great content that our contributors invested much of their time into. Viva la Idiom Life.

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Over the past few years my friends and I have had the tremendous opportunity of being able to travel to many countries around the world. Meet many people from many cultures. And be blessed by the relationships developed with these people. This is a video honoring the people that have welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. A lot of times it’s easy for me to forget what I’ve experienced during my travels. This video still gives me goose-bumps and makes me say, “Wow, I experienced that?”

The pictures in the video were primarily photographed by Myself, Ryan Welborn along with contributions from Craig & Cassie Nason and Sara Houy. And feature the people of Uganda, Africa; Lima, Peru; Iquitos, Peru; and Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Set to the music of David Crowder Band’s – Deliver Me (Antidromic Mix).<