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Match Made in HEL

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A skate session at Helsinki Airport with Arto Saari? HEL yes! Over a two day period, seven skaters from around the globe got the opportunity to session some amazing setups in the Helsinki Airport. Arto and crew captured some amazing imagery. Congrats to everyone involved for such a unique project!

Arto Saari

Match Made in HEL

Match Made in HEL - Skateboarder on blast fence

Style for Miles – King of Downhill Slides

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The thing I love so much about board sports is that each individual can truly show their personality through the style they incorporate into their riding. Here’s a rad short-film featuring Sergio Yuppie and his ridiculous head slides! Make sure to check Sergio out on Instagram and Twitter (@sergioyuppie for both).

Insight Dopamine Ad Campaign

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Insight Dopamine - 01

The Insight Dopamine (I & II) campaign is stunning. What’s even more amazing is these pictures aren’t photoshopped. The underwater scenes are very intriguing alone, and then you add a surfer completely barreled and you have some of the most extraordinary surf photos ever. I absolutely love this campaign and can’t imagine the type of coordinating it must have taken to capture some of these scenes.

Insight Dopamine - 02

Insight Dopamine - 03

Insight Dopamine - 04

Insight Dopamine - 05

Insight Dopamine - 06

Insight Dopamine - 07

Insight Dopamine - 08

‘Skurfing’ the Streets in ’65

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“There’s a new terror loose in the streets of the city! Probably the most organized attempt yet by children to dominate the world!”

This 1965 news report in Toronto talks about the new fad coming from California, it’s called sidewalk surfing. In the clip CBC’s Lloyd Robertson interviews an 18-year-old activist who rolls onto the screen in a dress and bouffant hairdo, if I had a time machine I would probably go back and marry her. The anchors compare ‘skurfing’ to hoola-hooping as well as make a projection that the fad is already dying out… Oh little did they know!

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3 New Disciplines for X-Games 14

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As if the X-games weren’t already crazy enough, ESPN has gone and added three new disciplines to this summers competition. The new events are BMX and Skateboard SuperPark & BMX street.

SuperPark will be a 100 percent transition-focused design – blending a variety of terrain and obstacles into one seamless course. The SuperPark disciplines will highlight the all-around abilities of the world’s best transition skaters and BMX riders. This will mark the first time ever that X Games will not have a stand-alone vert ramp. In addition to Skateboard and BMX SuperPark, BMX Street will be added to X Games where it will follow the same template as X Games mainstay Skateboard Street. The concept is simple, raw street features such as stairs, rails and ledges replicated in an arena setting.

“We are constantly striving to present new sports and disciplines at the X Games that accurately reflect the state of action sports and participants,” said Chris Stiepock, X Games General Manager. “Skateboarders and BMX riders still enjoy vert features, but most are doing so at skateparks rather than on stand-alone vert halfpipes. The proliferation of public skateparks has fostered new athletes who excel on large park features, leading us to develop the SuperPark discipline.”

BMX legend Mat Hoffman, the sport organizer for X Games BMX events, said: “The very core of BMX is to explore and be creative. This new format will promote this progression, providing the opportunity for the best riders to expand Park and Vert to new dimensions.”

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