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A couple weeks ago my brother sent me an old VHS. What was on it took me back to the good ol’ days, an 8 minute teaser video introducing us into the local snowboard video scene. It never really took flight, but at least we were having a good time!

This video has everything you’d expect from a group of kids trying to film their own videos. Extremely over-exposed. Often under-exposed. Usually out of focus. Fish-eye cropping. Dirty lenses. Over editing. Jack ass stunts. Random political images that make no sense. Jump cuts to the beat of the music to make the editing seem more exciting. And some super heavy slams. All exaggerated by printing to VHS and now 12 years later re-digitizing it!…

Proud to see that the skills of our team 12 years ago is still on par with many riders today. But the one thing that shines through the most, for me, was our PASSION! Something that now 12 years later I struggle to find on a daily basis after it’s been buried for years by the pressures of growing-up, paying the bills and doing corporate work… Take us back!


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