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Power to the Posters of the CCCP

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During my trip to Russia in 2007 we visited a flea market outside of Moscow. There was some classic Russian products and trinkets, but I wanted something more. It seemed I had gone through the entire grounds and I hadn’t found what I was looking for. It was looking dim, but suddenly I came to the last little nook and my eyes went wide. To my delight there were original Soviet propaganda posters strung about everywhere. I walked past each as if I were at an art museum. Eventually I found the two posters I wanted to purchase and went through the process of negotiation. I still have not got mine framed because I want to do it right and just haven’t fit the $1,000 frame into my budget yet, but once I do I will make sure and write a post about it.

It’s easy to see the influence of Russian poster design in many of today’s design, it’s also easy to see why. There are so many great pieces of inspiration to be found and one of the best resources for them online is A Soviet Poster A Day. Although the site hasn’t been updated with any new posts since December 2007, there is a great archive of posters with wonderful descriptions and “historical reference essential for understanding the layers of meaning” each poster carries through time. I grabbed 10 of my favorites to present here, but make sure and go look through the archives for yourself.

Nowhere but in Mosselprom



To Defend USSR



Glory to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War! Glory to the Stalin’s falcons!



Moscow is the capital of the USSR



Let Pluralism Live Long!



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Ken Block on Top Gear

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Ken Block on Top Gear

Back in June I posted Ken Block’s newest Gymkhana video. To date, the video has received over 5 million views, something that the producers over at Top Gear could not ignore. With Ken Block’s driving skills, the production quality of Top Gear, and a cameo by Ricky Carmichael, this is one of the most epic rally car television segments I’ve ever seen.

Flashbulb Fires + Talking Heads + Y.A.T.S.

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The Flashbulb Fires

If you follow me on Twitter then you have probably read some of my twats recently about the @Flashbulb Fires. My friend Pat McGuire is the lead vocalist and pianist for Flashbulb Fires and I’ve enjoyed watching his, I say “his” because oddly enough I’ve never really met the rest of the band, progression as an artist. He/They really have grown leaps and bounds. My recent twating about Flashbulb Fires has been in regards to two things:

First, they have been recording and producing their new album Glory, on track to be released later this Fall, and as a gift to their fans they have made two of the songs off the new album available for FREE! Since downloading the songs I have been quite addicted, listening to them double digit times per day. So I’ll say it again, go download the two new Flashbulb Fires’ songs, what do you have to lose? It’s free.

Second, I am very excited to let everyone know that I’m going to be involved in the artwork for their new album. The only way I happily take on pro-bono work is if I’m extremely excited about the project and if I see potential in the outcome. And obviously I’m excited for this opportunity and see a lot of potential in the Flashbulb Fires and their new album. It’s going to be big and I know they are going to kill it, I feel fortunate they’re allowing me to be a part of it and wish them the best of luck. Stayed tuned for more as we get further into the artwork.

I don’t know if Pat remembers this story, but when Pat was a freshman in High School I was his room leader on a youth trip to San Francisco. I wasn’t the most responsible kid back then and one morning we all slept in, missing the departure of the rest of the group. My dad lives in the Bay Area so I felt comfortable leading my roomies to Pier 39, trying to catch up with the rest of the group. But really, I didn’t have much of an idea if we were even going in the right direction. During our hour(s) long trip there was plenty of complaining, sore feet, tired pouting, and “scary” situations. In the end we eventually met up with the group, but I’m pretty sure the guys hated me for awhile. Haha.

Beyond their main pop singles that I recognize and many songs that I didn’t realize was them, I’ve never really dove into the music of the Talking Heads. I find this fact very odd since many, many of the bands I enjoy were heavily influenced by them. For example, Radiohead got their name from the Talking Heads song Radio Head. I recently got the Talking Heads discography and have found many gems beyond all their radio popular songs.

If you’re a fan of Pinback, you’ll be a fan of Years Around the Sun. They released a remix EP over the weekend and it sounds great. All 4 songs, remixed by Ginormous and The Protist, will fit perfectly into your late night electro playlist.

Flashbulb Fires – Revenge

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Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere

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Years Around the Sun – In the Lights (Ginormous Remix)

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Years Around the Sun – Failing at Art