Artwork by Jennifer Khoshbin

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Khoshbin Deer Head - Red Cardinal Birds

I’m not exactly sure what it is about these Deer heads by Jennifer Khoshbin, but I absolutely love them. I will definitely be purchasing one of them but I’m not sure which one yet, I have it narrowed down to two. And I probably wouldn’t tell you which one anyway because I wouldn’t want it to sell out before I got a hold of it.

Khoshbin Deer Head - Fish

Khoshbin Wolf Head - Big Bad Wolf

Khoshbin Deer Head - Butterfly

Khoshbin Deer Head - Brown Swirl

Khoshbin Deer Head - Grand Wallpaper

Jennifer’s book manipulations and illustrations are also spectacular. The cut out circle concept is great and her word selection is so fitting for each piece. Jen is currently on exhibition with the Jen11 Show, which features the work of 11 artists named Jennifer. The exhibit will be displayed at Composition through September. I will be making my way down to see the peices and I suggest you do the same.

Khoshbin - Liar and a Cheat

Khoshbin - Liar and a Cheat Detail

“My work expresses the idea of the story, fable, or tale, attempting to sort out the past and create new beginnings. How these stories have affected me and my culture are represented through a combination of book and animal sculptures, drawings and writings. I am artificially reimagining things in a handmade wilderness.”

Khoshbin - Masked Leap

Khoshbin - Masked Leap Detail

Khoshbin - Look

Khoshbin - Look Detail

Khoshbin - Which Way

Khoshbin - Rank

Khoshbin - Cannot See


  1. I freaking love the pieces with the little swirls into the pages of the books! And I wouldn’t mind the butterfly deer head for my family room!

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