Power to the Posters of the CCCP

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During my trip to Russia in 2007 we visited a flea market outside of Moscow. There was some classic Russian products and trinkets, but I wanted something more. It seemed I had gone through the entire grounds and I hadn’t found what I was looking for. It was looking dim, but suddenly I came to the last little nook and my eyes went wide. To my delight there were original Soviet propaganda posters strung about everywhere. I walked past each as if I were at an art museum. Eventually I found the two posters I wanted to purchase and went through the process of negotiation. I still have not got mine framed because I want to do it right and just haven’t fit the $1,000 frame into my budget yet, but once I do I will make sure and write a post about it.

It’s easy to see the influence of Russian poster design in many of today’s design, it’s also easy to see why. There are so many great pieces of inspiration to be found and one of the best resources for them online is A Soviet Poster A Day. Although the site hasn’t been updated with any new posts since December 2007, there is a great archive of posters with wonderful descriptions and “historical reference essential for understanding the layers of meaning” each poster carries through time. I grabbed 10 of my favorites to present here, but make sure and go look through the archives for yourself.

Nowhere but in Mosselprom



To Defend USSR



Glory to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War! Glory to the Stalin’s falcons!



Moscow is the capital of the USSR



Let Pluralism Live Long!



Everything for the Victory – Women of USSR for the Front



Glory to Heroes of Brest Fortress






While I was flying round the Earth on sputnik spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is…



Beware of the Wheels!



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