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Sandbox Films’ Shine On Teaser

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With two award winning titles, Flavor Country and Time Well Wasted, already under their belts, Sandbox Films has nothing to prove. But that doesn’t stop them from continuing to prove their one of the best in the game every season. Say what you will about Canadians, but Whistler is by far one of the best snow towns I have ever been to and I’m pretty jealous that it’s Sandbox’s daily backyard playground. Unfortunately this last season many ski areas suffered poor snow conditions, and Whistler wasn’t an exception. Sandbox also had to deal with quite a few injuries to their riders.

Andrew took a bad slam at a park session with Snowboarder Mag. They built a massive jump with a sketchy inrun. Andrew got tossed off the take off and came down hard on his side. His femur bone shot up and shattered his pelvis and his arm broke really bad.

Sounds like they had an unluckily season. Judging by the trailer though, it appears that Sandbox has still been able to make the best of it and put together a quality film.

Bonus Material! 30 Seconds in a Heli

Movement: Tech Soup & E-Waste

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After seeing this video last week of Iced-T destroying his his Mac Book Pro because the screen quite working, I thought I would give everyone some options to actually do something useful with their old or slightly broken computer equipment by donating it to help others.

If you have a computer that is less then five years old, chances are that it can be put to good use by someone else. Rather than donate equipment directly to a charity or school, however, it is usually best for all involved if you can send it to a refurbisher, especially if you need to wipe your hard drive or are uncertain about the computer’s condition. Refurbishers will ensure that equipment they send to nonprofits and schools works well and runs legal copies of software, and that any e-waste is disposed of properly. The best service I have found for donating your computer gear is TechSoup Stock. TechSoup Stock is an online product donation service that connects nonprofits with technology product donations from more than twenty-five leading corporate and nonprofit technology partners. TechSoup Stock is a nonprofit serving nonprofits. Their low fees have saved over 50,000 nonprofits approximately $400 million, a savings they can redirect into their programs. According to the EPA’s Plug in to eCycling program, only 15-20% of retired personal computers, TVs, cell phones and other electronic devices are being recycled in the United States. Every computer dumped into a landfill represents a missed opportunity to provide Information-Age tools to individuals and organizations in need of helping to bridge the digital gap. So before you go off and try to act like a bad ass because you can break a laptop with a hammer, I’d urge you to do some good, not just for the environment, but also for others in need.

In order to make computer donation and refurbishing less of a burden than gift for the non-profits, here are ten tips for donating your computer hardware:

  • Determine if your old computer can actually be reused.
  • Recycle hardware that is too old and/or broken.
  • Contact the refurbisher or recycler before donating.
  • Remember the accessories.
  • If possible, keep the operating system intact.
  • Provide the original software media and documentation if available.
  • Use secure disk-cleaning software to clear your computer of personal information.
  • Make sure and follow computer donation center’s delivery instructions.
  • Keep a list of what you donated for your records.
  • Plan for future donations.
Find a Donation Center for your Personal Home Computer
Find More Information on Corporate Donation
Computer Not Worth Donating? Please Recycle It!

555 KUBIK – Galerie der Gegenwart

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Over the past couple years I’ve been seeing more and more projected videos on buildings. Created by Urban Screen, this one is by far the best I have seen. The way the architecture of the building is incorporated with the 3D animations makes the building come alive.

The art direction was done by Daniel Rossa out of Germany. He’s got a nice collection of work in his portfolio that includes some great looking posters as well as other wall projections.

Manifest 01 by Daniel Rossa

Manifest 01 by Daniel Rossa

Manifest 02 by Daniel Rossa

Manifest 02 by Daniel Rossa

Manifest 03 by Daniel Rossa

Manifest 03 by Daniel Rossa

Manifest by Daniel Rossa

Manifest by Daniel Rossa

Think Thank’s Cool Story Teaser + Wrecks

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Think Thank has put out some pretty solid films over the past couple seasons. And this season’s production, Cool Story, doesn’t seem to be anything less than what viewers have come to expect. High production quality, cool personalities, and innovative riding is what the Think Thank crew is all about.

Think Thank usually comes with some great music too. The song used in the trailer is an older song called My Coco by Stellastarr*. Here’s a song a bit more up to date from their recently released album Civilized.

Stellastarr* – Freak Out

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Bonus Material! Who doesn’t like wreck sections?!

Kyle Andrews + Thrice + Julian Plenti

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Kyle Andrews - Real Blasty

I rather enjoyed the song featured in Isenseven’s Let’s Go Get Lost trailer. So naturally I looked into the artist a bit more was very pleased. Not only does Kyle Andrews have one of the most sweetical looking boombox audio players on his site, but the music coming out of the speakers is also Real Blasty and a good listen.

With Thrice being plagued by a leaked album months before the release date, they went ahead and decided to release a digital version early with the hard copy to be released on September 15th that will include extra material. I think this is possible one of their best albums to date. It’s definitely their most mature sounding. Here’s what they had to say about the leak:

“Obviously, we’re incredibly disappointed with what happened. We understand that records leak constantly and that it’s almost entirely unavoidable nowadays, but we never thought we’d have to deal with a record leaking three months before it’s release date, and certainly never thought we’d have to deal with a leak before anyone in the band had even gotten a master reference of the record, or before the artwork for the booklet had even been completed. We’re also disappointed that you’re hearing the record for the first time, watermarked, with a Vagrant Records voiceover over every song. And we’re disappointed that the leak has thrown a massive and immovable wrench into the efforts that many people have made to prepare for the three months leading up to release. That said, what’s done is done, and we’re moving forward.” You can read the rest of Thrice’s statement here.

Interpol lead singer Paul Banks has released his first solo album Julian Plenti… Is Skyscraper. I’ve always loved his voice and I’m really enjoying the album so far. He also has some weird ass videos on the Julian Plenti Vimeo page, but I love them!

Kyle Andrews – I wanted to Paint a Rainbow

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Thrice – Beggars

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Julian Plenti – Only if You Run

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Julian Plenti – Games For Days

Alterna Films’ Elektro Teaser

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What’s better than having an Elektro dance party to open up your snowboard teaser? Oh yeah… Great filming. Great locations. Great snowboarding. And great editing. That’s exactly what Alterna Films gives you. I’ve never seen one of Alterna’s films before, but this one will be on my must see list this video season. I love the dance party count down and the “dropping” ending. Good Stuff.

Artwork by Jennifer Khoshbin

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Khoshbin Deer Head - Red Cardinal Birds

I’m not exactly sure what it is about these Deer heads by Jennifer Khoshbin, but I absolutely love them. I will definitely be purchasing one of them but I’m not sure which one yet, I have it narrowed down to two. And I probably wouldn’t tell you which one anyway because I wouldn’t want it to sell out before I got a hold of it.

Khoshbin Deer Head - Fish

Khoshbin Wolf Head - Big Bad Wolf

Khoshbin Deer Head - Butterfly

Khoshbin Deer Head - Brown Swirl

Khoshbin Deer Head - Grand Wallpaper

Jennifer’s book manipulations and illustrations are also spectacular. The cut out circle concept is great and her word selection is so fitting for each piece. Jen is currently on exhibition with the Jen11 Show, which features the work of 11 artists named Jennifer. The exhibit will be displayed at Composition through September. I will be making my way down to see the peices and I suggest you do the same.

Khoshbin - Liar and a Cheat

Khoshbin - Liar and a Cheat Detail

“My work expresses the idea of the story, fable, or tale, attempting to sort out the past and create new beginnings. How these stories have affected me and my culture are represented through a combination of book and animal sculptures, drawings and writings. I am artificially reimagining things in a handmade wilderness.”

Khoshbin - Masked Leap

Khoshbin - Masked Leap Detail

Khoshbin - Look

Khoshbin - Look Detail

Khoshbin - Which Way

Khoshbin - Rank

Khoshbin - Cannot See

Insight Dopamine Ad Campaign

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Insight Dopamine - 01

The Insight Dopamine (I & II) campaign is stunning. What’s even more amazing is these pictures aren’t photoshopped. The underwater scenes are very intriguing alone, and then you add a surfer completely barreled and you have some of the most extraordinary surf photos ever. I absolutely love this campaign and can’t imagine the type of coordinating it must have taken to capture some of these scenes.

Insight Dopamine - 02

Insight Dopamine - 03

Insight Dopamine - 04

Insight Dopamine - 05

Insight Dopamine - 06

Insight Dopamine - 07

Insight Dopamine - 08

Movement: TOMS Shoes

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I find it necessary in life for everyone to give of their time, money, or both. I don’t care of your religion, race, or income. It’s the duty of all human beings to do their part in making life better for the human race. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s very easy to let others slip out of your mind and pursue our own selfish goals. In fact, I haven’t done very much for others over the past year or so and am pretty disappointed in myself. That’s why I’d like to start a weekly segment called Movement. Each week I will spotlight non-profits throughout the world that are making amazing changes in other peoples lives. The point of this is to encourage you to do what you can for each movement. Whether it’s donations or purchases, volunteering or just spreading the word. Do what you can, as will I.

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. – Martin Luther King Jr.

TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes

I thought that I’d start out this first week with something easy for everyone. TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. It doesn’t get much easier than purchasing something for yourself in order to give to someone else. I went with the Burlap Woven TOMS. Some of my other favorite designs that I’d recommend (for men) are the Rope Sole TOMS, Vegan Stitchout TOMS, and the Gabe Lacktman TOMS. Go find a pair of TOMS shoes that fit your style and help give to those in need!

Here the story of TOMS movement: In 2006 an American traveler, Blake Mycoskie, befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of family, friends and staff later that year with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by caring TOMS customers.

Since our beginning, TOMS has given over 140,000* pairs of shoes to children in need through the One for One model. Because of your support, TOMS plans to give over 300,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world in 2009.

Our ongoing community events and Shoe Drop Tours allow TOMS supporters and enthusiasts to be part of our One for One movement. Join us.

Let’s Go Get Lost by Isenseven

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My favorite european snowboard production company, Isenseven is bringing it again. I love their fun style combined with great cinematography, good editing, and, more often than not, great songs. Every time I watch one of their videos it makes me want to drop everything I’m doing and just go ride.

Let’s Go Get Lost will be Isenseven’s 8th consecutive movie, presenting you fun and creative snowboarding, sophisticated filmmaking plus tons of bonus footage. It features the riding of your well-known Isenseven friends Erik Botner, Ludwig Lejkner, Fredrik Evensen, André Kuhlmann, Christophe Schmidt, Philipp Strauss, Torgeir Berre, Michi Zirngibl, Tobi Strauss as well as the recent team-additions Marc Swoboda, Alex Tank, Tom Klocker and Anton Gunnarson.