Ken Block Gymkhana

Written by : Posted on June 1, 2009 : No Comments

I know I’ve been slacking at posting new blog articles, I’ve had a few that I’ve wanted to write but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Whether it’s because I’ve been super busy with other projects or just haven’t had the motivation to blog lately, i just haven’t gotten anything new posted. However, I just couldn’t ignore the new Ken Block Gymkhana Two Project: The Infomercial.

If you’ve never seen the first video of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Practice it’s definitely worth a watch. And now this new video takes it to a whole other level! The skill behind his driving is mind blowing and the cinematography is gorgeous! The infomercial was produced specifically to market Block’s first-ever Rally TeamWorks Collection. For more info on all this here are some links:

Ken Block Racing
DC Shoes – Auto
DC Shoes – Gymkhana Project


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