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I really liked Twitter. I liked getting updates throughout the day on what crazy things Rainn Wilson is doing, or how Eddie Izzard’s show went last night. I liked posting stupid pictures for people to see (or not). And I liked that only about 10 of my friends were on Twitter.

Then Oprah had to go and ruin everything. Pretty soon I’m going to get requests from all those people from high school I didn’t have the heart to reject on Facebook either  trying to “follow” me. Obscure relatives will want to follow my updates. 

I’ve come to grips with the fact that Facebook is no longer ours – it’s been hijacked by the 40-somethings of the world, and now I have to live with that. But, shit Oprah, couldn’t you have just left Twitter alone? We needed it.


  1. Not making fun or anything but how long have you been on Twitter? I say that cause I’m sure you can only imagine how I feel as I’ve been using for well over a year now and initially it was an amazing networking tool as really the only users were fellow SM and start-up types. I’m not too concerned about all the friends I’ve seen join but I will say I get a lot less valuable content and I don’t think people understand it’s about engagement not a one-way conversation. Most of my updates are too others than “what I’m doing”.

  2. Hahahaha. Great picture!

    Oh and Neil… I can’t imagine your frustration. I’m guessing every celebrity that gets on Twitter isn’t doing it for the “networking” and with a site that has grown by 700%, I don’t think the someone who RTs your tweet can be considered a contact. The only business benefit I’ve (key word) TRULY found is getting quick news updates/summaries from respected sources without having to read whole articles.

  3. Chris McDermott on said:

    Neil. I pay you homage. You did know about Twitter well before any of my other friends. And I am a newcomer. But, I still dislike Oprah.

  4. Last thing I’ll say. The key to social media is “the more the merrier.” Think about cell phones and email. Those things work better when more people are using them. Someone working for a social media company, let alone a start-up, should know that and be stoked when people use things like twitter and brightkite.

  5. Brandon, excellent points but that goes to exactly what I was saying… I’m not bummed with the increase in usership. I don’t mind all of my friends are now on it. But social media is just that: it’s “social”. And the only benefit is to engage people outside of your circle. Follow and communicate with them not just see what your friends are doing ’cause that’s facebook! Use twitter to engage and you’ll find contacts and business if that’s what you are looking for. And don’t just seek em out online. Yes that could be a start but ask to meet for lunch or go to the many meetups and events and when people you follow are also there go meet them. That is the basis: engagement. And really, it’s the only purpose of twitter, it’s not facebook to tell about yourself and communicate with your friends instead it’s an easy forum to follow and have others follow you without all the personal attachments and info ’til you get to a point where that is possible. I have at least one lunch a week with someone I met through twitter and we talk about what we’re doing either in social media or start-ups in general. But, that goes two-way not just one! Oh and laso, yes, celebrities are using to increase their popularity/value, etc. which is super lame. But some do separate from that like lilly allen who plays a game with her fans in each city with riddles and whoever finds her gets free tix. Or Shaq who communicates with his fans and also does ticket giveaways. Again, two-way and engaging.

  6. So lastly, I ask: are you searching out your audience and engaging with them? If not, then there is no value. So yes, I love the numbers but more so I hope more actually USE it.

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