Welcome to the Diafero Collective

Written by : Posted on April 16, 2009 : No Comments

So here it is, the new Diafero Collective blog. If you don’t know, Diafero is an evolution of the old Although the Idiom Life site is still up and running, updates to it have not been made since late 2008 and the entire project is being phased out. It didn’t allow me to pursue the things I’m most passionate about because I had to worry about too many other factors with it. But do not fret my friends, all the blog entries, articles and interviews are going to be archived here on the Diafero Collective blog.

Diafero is basically all the things I loved about Idiom with none of the extra weight and a little extra help from some guest contributors. Now without all the bells and whistles, that was, I have more time to work on the things I truly love.

So here’s to new begins and what will hopefully be a great new project that I can share with you all. Thank you for the continued support.


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