Sigur Rós : Glósóli

Written by : Posted on March 26, 2009 : 3 Comments

This video makes me smile. It may be a bit long for some people, but is beautifully shot and the end is totally worth it.


  1. If you were not at their show at Red Rocks you all missed one of the best and most beautiful concerts in a most spectacular setting. Amazing and Epic is the only way to describe. I can not wait for another Sigur Ros show… it’ll be awhile though!

  2. @Neil – I wasn’t there, and that just made me very jealous. Believe it or not, but I’ve only been to one show at Red Rocks. Muse! It was absolutely amazing. I have also just secured a ticket to my next Red Rocks show, Kings of Leon. I’m very excited, although, as you know, it’s not until August.

  3. I can NOT believe you’ve been to only one Red Rocks show and it’s been almost literally in your backyard this whole time! Well, KOL will be sweet. Almost any show there is. I am still bummed I missed out on Muse there. Sigur Ros though was almost just meant to play there. Their music along with the setting just works. And that it was the last show of the year and on the edge of fall just added a whole other element to it. I will never forget that show.

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