Mastering the Flop: CP3(60)

Written by : Posted on March 26, 2009 : No Comments

I’m a huge fan of the NBA, particularly the Nuggets, and i passionately hate many teams and players around the league. I hate them because they show no self-respect, flailing and flopping all over the place.

When Chris agreed to join the Diafero Collective blog he only request one thing, the addition of the “Things I Hate” category. I love him for that, because now I have the opportunity to call out all the little babies in the league that are ruining the sport.

First up is Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets. He had me infuriated last night after many horrible flops were rewarded with free throws, somehow the refs are still giving CP3 calls. The Nuggets won the game 101-88, but it would have been an even bigger lead if it weren’t for the horrible refereeing.


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